Hiring Your Own Police Force

The world of private security is growing by leaps and bounds.  The world that we are growing up in now seems to be getting more dangerous by the minute and the need for private security in detroit and other areas around the country is increasing.  When hiring your own private security there are a few things that you need to know.

Armed or unarmed?

The decision to have your security armed or unarmed is a big one.  If they are armed will they be armed with deadly force or with non-lethal force?  With guns in our schools, mass shootings around the corner and no one knowing that is going on is having an armed officer better or worse?


Private security comes in a wide range of options.  You can have an officer sitting in front of a monitor watching events from cameras or you can them patrolling the grounds looking for trouble.  This all depends on the type of event you need security for. 

Patrols are good if you need someone walking the grounds looking for shoplifters, under age drinking or smoking or people trying to sneak into the event.  Having someone watch a monitor is more beneficial if your area is being recorded and information can be replayed.

Uniformed or plain clothed

Sometimes deciding on having a uniformed officer or a plain clothed officer for your security can have a huge impact as well.  With many events people will have plain clothed officers blending into the crowd to ensure that nothing is going on.  If someone is looking to start an issue they will be more mindful of someone in uniform than someone on jeans and a tee shirt.

Time on the clock

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When hiring your own private security make sure that you know how much time you need them for.  Most private security companies will charge by the hour and the man.  Keeping this in mind as well as the security of your event will have hiring private security a cost effective and beneficial prospect for everyone.