Tips For Protecting Your Home From Insects And Other Bugs

Bugs are nasty, creepy, crawly creatures that no one wants around their home.  Even though bugs do fulfill a vital need in our ecosystem the unwritten bond of you stay in your world, and we will stay in ours seems to be broken from time to time.  With this happens you will want to contact staten island exterminators to come and remove them from your home.  Before that however, using these tips and tricks can help reinforce the line between man and nature.

Protect your entry ways

Before bugs can enter into our homes, we need to protect the entry ways.  These include patching any holes that might be in our windows and screens.  We want to make sure that holes in our foundation are filled and that cracks and crevasse are taken care of.  If we can ensure that our homes are sealed up tight then we have protected our homes for the first step.

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Clean your kitchen

Bugs love to eat the same things we love to eat.  To keep these moochers away from our food it is a good idea to clean the kitchen.  When we clean the kitchen, we need to wipe the counters, throw out old food and don’t have crumbs laying around.  Keeping our kitchen clean as well as other rooms food free we aren’t giving bugs a free meal.

Get rid of standing water

Next to food water is the next component that insects love.  Just like humans’ bugs need water to survive.  If we have water sitting in our yards, in bird baths or other areas of our home then these will attract bugs. 

When looking at the life cycle of bugs you will discover that many of them breed in water.  So, to keep them out of our homes remove these water sources and keep them dry.